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Our Explorers curriculum is designed to give our children the knowledge and cultural capital they need to succeed in life. Through our passion for learning outdoors and our pursuit for excellence, our intent is for all our explorers to reach their full potential, becoming confident learners ready to start school.



Our Explorers are taught the EYFS curriculum through their own exploration, a stimulating environment and skilled and caring practitioners.

Our environment inspires children to learn and provokes questions and thinking. We plan our environment carefully.

We enhance learning with forest school sessions, daily walks to the woods, weekly yoga and football. Visits to the library the beach and church. Visits from the community, eg police.

We are proud of our early identification and intervention, ensuring gaps are narrowed for those falling behind.

We plan and teach spontaneously to ensure next steps are met in the moment. We use ‘Development Matters’ to guide us.

Our parents support our curriculum at home through our online journey, focus meetings and daily exchanges. This helps parents extend their learning at home and helps us to continue this in nursery.



Our Explorers are happy, engaged and inquisitive.

They are active, independent and confident.

They are well prepared for their next stage of learning and their outcomes are excellent.

Our Explorers are excellent communicators and can share thoughts, feelings and words with both adults and children alike.

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